There are three things that are carried out when reaching a diagnosis in our consultation. These are:

  • The Interview this is the first step and we will conduct an extensive interview. Beside knowing the information about the things that are bothering you specifically, we will also ask about other things such as the quality of your sleep, energy level, appetite, bowel movements, your level of stress and your moods etc.
  • The pulse examination pulses correspond to the internal organs. We will take note of the quality of the pulse in terms of frequency, rhythm, tension and strength etc.
  • The tongue examination the tongue is an important indicator of health in our diagnosis and treatment. We will have a look at your tongue and record its condition, including color, texture, shape, size and coating. Each part of the tongue corresponds to different organs – for example, the tip of the tongue relates to the Heart and Lung, the root of the tongue relates to the Kidneys and the side of the tongue relates to the Liver and Gall bladder.

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